Below you can find our selection of various rosins.

Arcos Brasil Colophane Rosin – This excellent professional rosin has a very firm grip while continuing to provide a very smooth and clear finish for the tonality of the instrument.

Gustav Bernardel – This single grade amber-colored rosin is for all instruments. It is imported from France. It produces a very smooth finish on the bow hair.

Guillaume Rosin – This French rosin provides a strong, smooth sound and comes in an elegant wooden container. It has very little dust adhesion and has a firm grip on the bowhair, thus limiting the amount of rosin that needs to be applied on the bow.

Hidersine Rosin – This rosin is a dark premium grade that is slightly soft and grabs the strings a bit more then most rosins. It is excellent for beginners or advanced players who like a grittier sound. The rosin may be very dusty so clean your instrument frequently. Made in England.

Hill Light Rosin – This light colored rosin is made in England and used primarily for violins and violas. This rosin allows the bow to produce a slightly more powerful sound than that of the dark rosin. The cake is slightly harder as well.

Hill Dark Rosin – This softer rosin is excellent for cold weather and dry climates because it tends to grip better than the light rosin. Many cello players enjoy using this rosin though it is for all string instruments. Made in England.

Jade Rosin – This French rosin comes in a protective velvet cloth wrap and has qualities of dust-free adhesion. The rosin avoids metallic residue and does not scratch fine varnishes like other rosin. The rosin has a smooth yet very firm grip on the bowhair.

Kolstein Rosin – This American Company has been producing these ultra formulation supreme rosins since 1943. They are world famous for their low powdering and smooth, easy bowing. They are all-weather rosins that have both softer and harder grades of cakes.

Melos Rosin – These fine Greek rosins are especially designed for very specific instruments and different seasons. The softer dark rosin is for the colder climates while the harder light rosins for the warmer climates. It is produced from Greek pine-tree colophony in Greece.

Millant Deroux Rosin – This rosin is made in France and it has two different grades, dark and light for all strings. The rosin is not as sticky as other rosin, but it holds well on most grades of bowhair.

Nyman Bass Rosin – This is another premium bass rosin made in Sweden. It is a hard grade that is very sticky, thus providing excellent grip on both French and German bass bows.

Pirastro Goldflex Rosin – This rosin features tiny flecks of gold inside the rosin that allows for better grip on bowhairs. It provides players with a warm yet brilliant full-body tone for all types of strings.

Pirastro Gold Rosin – Gold Rosin is recommended for players who use Gold Label and other synthetic strings. This dark rosin has gold particles throughout the cake for better grip and response from the bowhair.

Pirastro Obligato Rosin – This rosin is recommended for Obligato strings. This dark rosin is formulated to provide maximum and warmth to any synthetic strings. It provides incredible grip and excellent tone from the bow.

Pops Bass Rosin – This rosin is great for any bass player, beginner to professional levels. The rosin is very soft and produces a great full-body sound on any bass because it grips well on the bowhair and the strings. It may not last as long as others because of its soft sticky texture. It is the number one recommended bass rosin among all players. Made in Texas.

Super Sensitive Clarity Rosin – These rosins are made from a synthetic hydrocarbon resin compound that improves the clarity of the string response from playing with the bowhair. The hydrophobic material resists absorption of moisture, making it unaffected by humidity and keeping it intact over time. Similar to the Motyra rosin, it is also hypoallergenic.