Shoulder Rests

We also carry a wide variety of shoulder rests, in all different shapes and sizes to suit any violinist or violist.

FOM – This is one of our most popular shoulder rests, especially among beginners. Rubber-covered feet grip the violin easily, and most models are adjustable to between two and four violin sizes. The thick foam padding ensures comfort while playing, and the durable plastic backbone provides lightweight rigidity.  Most sizes available with collapsible feet.Available sizes: violin (1/16-1/18 to 4/4) and viola (15″ to 16.5″)

KUN – KUN is widely regarded as the leading brand in student shoulder rests. This is our most popular model, due to its affordability and durability. The hard plastic backbone makes sure the shoulder rest stays rigid, while ample foam padding allows for comfort. Most models are adjustable between two and three sizes, and are available with either collapsible or non-collapsible feet. Collapsible feet will be less durable, but do allow for easier storage.  Available sizes: violin (1/16-1/10 to 4/4) and viola (15″ to 16″)

Everest – The Everest shoulder rest is regarded as one of the more comfortable shoulder rests due to its extra-thick foam padding. As a result of the extra foam, however, it is on the bulkier side. The feet adjust in and out to fit multiple sizes of violins, but cannot rotate to change the angle that the shoulder rest sits at. The feet themselves are made from extremely grippy rubber, and won’t easily fall off any violins when used properly.  Available sizes: violin (1/4-1/10 to 4/4) and viola (15″ to 16.5″)

FOM Deluxe – The FOM Deluxe is a wonderful shoulder rest for those looking to get a contoured shoulder rest without breaking the bank. Its unique S-shaped design fits well on most players’ shoulders, and the suede provides extra grip, preventing the violin from sliding around while playing. The high-quality wood body allows for lightweight but strong construction. Also available with foam instead of suede. The feet on this model are not adjustable.  Available sizes: violin (1/4-1/8 to 4/4) and viola (15″ to 16″)

FOM Maple – Available in both light and dark finishes, the FOM Maple shoulder rest provides a compact, lightweight, and comfortable setup. Used by violinists and violists ranging from students to professionals, this design has stood the test of time and been proven as superior. The feet are adjustable not only along the length of the shoulder rest to fit different size violins, but the shoulder rest can be angled towards or away from the player for maximum comfort.  Available sizes: violin (1/4-1/8 to 4/4) and viola (15″ to 16″)

BonMusica – The BonMusica rest is specifically designed for violinists and violists who have shoulder or neck problems that make using a conventional shoulder rest uncomfortable or even painful. It can be custom shaped to each player’s needs, and the position of the feet and bracings are completely customizable. While the BonMusica is far from compact and doesn’t fit well in smaller cases, it is an excellent solution for violinists and violists who need just a little bit more than most shoulder rests provide.  Available sizes: violin (1/16 to 4/4) and viola (15.5″ to 16″)

Foam sponge – These are generally preferred and recommended by teachers who work with younger students, on the smaller size violins. The sponges are generally more comfortable, and can fit multiple sizes of violin, preventing the need to purchase a new shoulder rest every time a child changes violin size. They do not provide as much support as conventional shoulder rests, but for students with shorter necks and smaller shoulders, these are generally much more comfortable. They are put on the violin using rubber bands, and should be removed every time the violin is placed in the case to prevent any damage to the instrument.  Available sizes: violin (all sizes) and viola (all sizes)

KUN Bravo – The KUN Bravo is one of our more sturdy shoulder rests, providing a good amount of rigidity while still allowing for comfortable use. The generous amount of foam padding helps the shoulder rest shape to your shoulder, and the adjustable feet allow it to fit multiple sizes of violin and viola, as well as change angle to fit the player’s shoulders better.  Available sizes: violin (4/4) and viola (15″ to 16″)

Viva La Musica Augustin – Viva La Musica’s Augustin design provides superior lightweight design and adjustability. The feet are completely adjustable both in angle and along the length of the shoulder rest, to fit any full-size violin or viola. The wood body of the shoulder rest has subtle flaming accents, to match the back of your violin. The Augustin is light blonde in color, with black foam and gold-plated bracings.  Available sizes: violin (4/4) and viola (15″ to 16″)

Viva La Musica Professional – The Professional model is very similar to its sister model, the Augustin. With the same fully adjustable feet and basic design, this shoulder rest is another example of superior quality. Its wood body is dark brown in color, with black foam and gold bracings.  Available sizes: violin (4/4)
FOM Green Cushion – This cushion is a happy medium between the foam sponge and a conventional shoulder rest. It sits directly on the body of the violin; two small feet grip the base and two rubber bands secure it in place using the corners of the violin’s ribs. This is a great solution for a student that does not find conventional shoulder rests comfortable and also does not like the grey foam sponges offered as a main alternative.  Available sizes: violin (1/8 to 4/4)

Wolf Primo – The Wolf series of shoulder rests uses a unique cable-based design to allow for maximum adjustability. The Primo is the straight version of their standard shoulder rest, and fits violinists and violists with sloped or rounded shoulders best. The feet are fully adjustable.  Available sizes: violin (all sizes) and viola (all sizes)

Wolf Secondo – Just like its Wolf Primo cousin, the Wolf Secondo uses a unique cable-based adjustment system to allow players to fully customize their shoulder rests to suit their needs. The Secondo’s curved design fits players whose shoulders are slender and bony, shaping around their shoulders as necessary.  Available sizes: violin (all sizes) and viola (all sizes)

FOM Violin/Viola – This shoulder rest is very similar in design and fit to the Wolf Secondo, but its adjustment capabilities are slightly different. While using the same basic system, the major difference is that the FOM is slightly less adjustable, and has a stiffer body. It’s also a bit heavier, but certain violinsts and violists prefer this model because it feels more substantial and costs slightly less.  Available sizes: violin (1/4-1/8 to 4/4) and viola (all sizes)

Kinder Chinder – The Kinder Chinder is more of a pad than a shoulder rest; it straps onto the violin using two elastic loops. This is for violinists whose necks aren’t long enough to make a shoulder rest necessary, but still find the hard edges of a violin and chin rest uncomfortable. This particular chin rest pad is machine washable with a removable foam insert, and the outer covering is made from durable black corduroy. Available sizes: violin (all sizes)

Tido – Much like the Kinder chinder, the Tido is a foam-padded cover for your violin. Its padding is thicker than the Kinder Chinder and the outer covering is a rich black velveteen. This style of chin rest/violin pad is recommended for violinists who prefer not to use a shoulder rest, but still find a violin and chin rest’s edges uncomfortable.  Available sizes: violin (1/4-1/8 to 4/4)

Playonair – The Playonair is an innovative solution to a problem plaguing many violinists: a shoulder rest is necessary for proper technique, but the violinist is unable to find a shoulder rest that fits properly and is comfortable. Playonair solves this with a unique adjustable air bladder, with a tool to inflate or deflate the pad included. Two elastic clips on either side hook it onto the violin to keep it in place, and the Playonair can be slid along the elastic band for maximum customizability.  Available sizes: violin (all sizes) and viola (all sizes)