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Below are some of the reviews that customers have left us:

Andy L. from San Jose, CA. on 1/31/2011 – Yelp
After twenty years of not playing my violin, I suddenly had the urge to play again. But I knew even twenty years ago that my violin needed major repairs. So after some quick online research, I brought in my violin for repair. I felt very comfortable with Jon, who was knowledgeable, positive, and professional.A lot of work was done on my violin and bow (e.g., fixing the fingerboard, the sounding post, not-so-small scratches and chips, replacing the hair on the bow, etc.). The work took a week and the results exceeded my expectations. My violin never sounded so good. I’ll definitely be getting a violin here for my 3-year-old, who’s been asking for a violin of his own. Maybe in a year or two, kid. I promise.
Lisa C. from San Mateo, CA. on 11/14/2010 – Yelp
I am a loyal customer at Kamimoto. My violin has been repaired under Jon’s skillful technique due to a crack on the body since I perform outdoors quite often. They have a large selection of violins and bows that in a big range of prices. I purchased one and I have no complains about it. The employees are as honest as they get, they’re no ordinary people where they hire of the streets, they all have musical experience and I always find myself learning something new every time I go there.
Anonymous from 2009 – Google
Every time I’ve come here, whether it was to buy a violin, fix a violin, or buy accessories, I’ve been treated well. They’ll let you take a few violins home to try before you buy. I once took a total of six violins home before making a decision. They really love what they do and they support local arts. The shop is small, so if you can go during the day it will make it easier to hear yourself play (when trying a new instrument or describing issues to be fixed).