Ming Jiang Zhu

The violins that we carry from Ming Jiang Zhu are of multiple grades, all of the of highest quality craftsmanship. The highly decorative flamed maple and beautifully even-grained spruce are meticulously chosen for the instruments by Ming himself. Some of the instruments are made with the wood that shop owner Jon personally selected and commissioned Ming to work with. Competition grade instruments from Ming Jiang Zhu are available. Pricing is based upon the quality of wood and quality of craftsmanship in each instrument, and as such prices will vary within sizes.


  • 3/4 – $1450 and up
  • 7/8 – $1700 and up
  • 4/4 – $1700 and up


  • 15.5″  – $3600
  • 16″     – $3800
  • Other sizes available, please call for pricing



  • 4/4 – $4500 and up