Kamimoto String Instruments offers a large stock of well maintained string instruments in all sizes. In addition to basic instruments for the beginner, we have a range of higher level instruments for the advancing student.

All of our violins and violas are strung with Thomastik Dominant or Tonica strings, equipped with four fine tuners, and supplied with wooden or high-quality fiberglass bow, rosin, cotton cleaning cloth and hardshell case. Cellos are usually supplied with Larsen and Spirocore strings, and basses with Helicore or Spirocore strings. Special requests are accommodated whenever possible.

You may exchange for a different size whenever necessary and there is no time limit on how long you can rent. You may apply up to six (6) months of your rental payments toward purchase of any shop instrument of similar type (i.e. violin credit for violins), and we have a generous trade-in policy for those who decide to purchase and trade up to the next larger size.

The most common rental is the quarterly rental program with rates listed below. However, for individuals looking for a short term rental, KSI has a short term rental at a 30 day duration for 10% extra to the monthly rate below. Please note that insurance is not included for short term rentals.


Basic outfit, Suzuki model 220
or equivalent, value up to $550
$25.00 $82.03
Upgrade outfit, value up to $650 $30.00 $98.44
Upgrade outfit, value up to $750 $33.00 $108.28
Advanced outfit, value up to $900 $41.00 $134.53
Advanced outfit, value up to $1200 $48.00 $157.50
Advanced outfit, value up to $1600 $58.00 $190.31
Advanced outfit, value up to $2100 $75.00


Cello outfits, value up to $1000 $ 49.00 $160.78
Cello outfits, value up to $1200 $ 53.00 $173.91
Cello outfits, value up to $1750 $ 65.00 $213.28
Cello outfits, value up to $2100 $ 91.50 $298.59
Cello outfits, value up to $2500 $117.00
Flight Cover $85 (per week)


Bass outfits, value up to $1500 $ 100.00 $328.13
Bass outfits, value up to $2000 $110.00 $360.94

We also rent flight cases or flight covers. Cellists that are looking to travel internationally please give us a call at 408.298.8168 to reserve your flight cover.

Instruments above $2,000.00 are not covered by rental insurance.

Pricing is subject to change without notice


Our program is designed to make it easy and economical for your child to begin violin, viola, or cello. All sizes, both new and used, are kept in stock and are available both for rental and for purchase. You may rent for as long as you wish and, if another instrument is required as your child grows, the instrument may also be exchanged for another size.

Our basic rental plan is as follows. All rentals are billed three (3) months at a time. There is a three month minimum rental, but you can rent as long as you wish. You may return the instrument at any time and the rental amount due or refunded will be pro-rated based on the days rented. The first three month rental fee is not refundable. For credit reference we require a major credit card such as Visa or MasterCard. If you do not have credit references, it may be necessary to ask you for a deposit against the instrument’s value.

Most of our standard rental outfits are by the Nagoya Suzuki Violin Company. In addition, we have an occasional Korean or German outfit. A limited number of higher quality instruments are also available; rental rates for these instruments will vary depending upon the value. All instruments are expertly set up and carefully adjusted. Our basic outfits are furnished with quality steel or synthetic core strings, four fine tuners, and wood bow with horsehair. If you have a special need regarding a type of instrument, or other requirements, such as special strings or bows, please let us know in advance. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

All instrument rentals are covered by our Repair and Replacement Policy. During the term of the rental agreement, Kamimoto String Instruments (KSI) will repair or replace your rental instrument, subject to the following provisions.

  1. Loss from theft. KSI will replace your rental instrument with an equivalent instrument if your incur a loss due to theft. The theft must be reported to the police department and a copy of the police report must be furnished to KSI.
  2. Loss from accidental abuse. KSI will repair or replace (at the sole discretion of KSI) your instrument if it has been damaged accidentally. Intentional abuse or neglect will not be covered by this agreement.
  3. Strings are NOT covered by this policy; broken or worn strings will be replaced at the renter’s expense.
  4. Coverage will not exceed the value of the original equipment.
  5. For violin/viola, there will be a deductible of $25.00 per claim. For cello there will be a deductible of $50.00 per claim.  For bass there will be a deductible of $100 per claim

Your Rental Contract and Repair Policy must both be current. The Repair and Replacement Policy will be subject to cancellation if your account is more than thirty (30) days past due.

During the fall, at the beginning of the school year, we may temporarily run out of a particular size; it is especially recommended that you contact us regarding your instrument needs before coming in to pick it up. If your child’s teacher has had a chance to measure for the correct size, we can pick the instrument based on her recommendation. If the teacher has not had the chance to recommend size, please come in with your child so we can measure while you are in the store.